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Book a rejuvenating reiki treatment with Owen based in Brighton and Sussex to enjoy a mini-break for the mind and body. Deep relaxation as standard!

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Hello! Please feel free to email I’m always happy to answer any questions. 

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Reiki Method

I’ve been trained in the Usui Method of Reiki and work hands-off. This means I have my palms typically about two feet from the body.

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Meet Owen

Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas
Qualified Reiki practitioner

What is Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese re-generation therapy that can help to re-energize and re-balance the body. It has been known to be called ‘spiritual acupuncture’ as it uses hand positions on certain areas of the body to release blocked energy. Practitioners say reiki’s not about any religious doctrine, but about releasing emotional and physical pain for better health.

Reiki has a lot of good benefits especially for people with impacted and blocked energy. Reiki sessions with Owen will help you release this energy. Reiki is about bringing the body back into balance, reenergizing it with positive energy, and helping it self-heal. Types of Reiki healing are now practiced by people all over the world as a way of finding inner peace and for healing themselves, those around them. It’s also used for treating injuries such as sprains or stiffness caused by stress or too much exercise. Having regular Reiki can help re-balance your life if you’re stressed or need to unblock mental energy. If you looking for Reiki sessions near you in Brighton or Sussex you can contact Owen for more information.


What others are saying

I booked a distant healing session with Owen as a follow-up to treatment he did in person. I wondered how the feeling would differ with him being miles away, but it was the same. After a short phone call to talk me through the process, I felt that familiar sensation and the warmth of the energy flow spread across my body. It was a peaceful and relaxing experience, even though I'm not entirely sure how it works.

Very relaxing and grounding.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but  Owen made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole experience – and the effect lasted for most of the following day. I felt very solid, but also quite released, as though literally a burden had been taken from my shoulders. Thoroughly recommended.

I was just about to start a 6 weeks’ course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to my head and neck and had never tried Reiki before but decided to keep an open mind.  As the session progressed, much to my surprise, I became aware of a “blockage” and a strong feeling of warmth and that Owen had accurately homed in on the tumour.  The treatment and Owen’s calm and re-assuring manner left me completely relaxed and stress-free and I slept soundly for the first time since my diagnosis.  During this period, Owen did distance healing and I feel having Reiki with Owen gave me the strength to get through a very gruelling period of my life.

When I received distance healing from Owen, much like my first Reiki session, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I could not imagine that I would feel it as strongly as I did. I knew the moment it had started and felt the sensation of the Reiki energy immediately. It is truly an unexplainable and amazing gift !

Owen has a very reassuring manner that put me completely at ease and the session was ultra-relaxing. I felt very de-stressed and chilled out both during the session and for a number of days afterwards.

I was fortunate enough to have a distant healing Reiki session with Owen.  I was not sure what to expect, but it was truly amazing!  Before the session I was very stressed out and my mind was whirring.  Within minutes of the session I started to feel relaxed with a warm glow all over me – a bit like the Ready Brek adverts!  I was sure that I had only been lying down for 15 minutes but when I looked at my clock I was amazed to see that 1 hour had passed by.  During the session my mind started to clear and I was seeing beautiful yellow flowers opening up in my mind.  After the session I had the best night’s sleep in ages, I literally floated off!  I would thoroughly recommend Owen’s Reiki skills to anyone!

When I booked my session with Owen I wasn't sure what to expect, as it was my first Reiki experience. When Owen performed Reiki on me I was overwhelmed by how strongly I felt it physically, enough to put any doubts at rest! It was undoubtedly one of the most unique experiences I have had and left me feeling energised and relaxed.

“Owen made me feel completely at ease and relaxed before he had even started the session. Fantastic experience !”

“I was a bit nervous and frankly sceptical about receiving treatment, but Owen was relaxed, friendly and just reassuring.  There were no weird ideas or psychobabble to get my head round.  The session was deeply relaxing and 'cacooning' and I felt completely de-stressed.”

I have fibromyalgia and I've had Reiki before, but when Owen treated me, I definitely felt a difference.
He has a very calming effect and I felt very relaxed throughout the treatment.

“I opened my eyes at 7.45 this morning, and having got up I feel so relaxed and free of the pain in my knee.
Oh what a wonderful gift you have to be able to help people who suffer such pain.”

“From the moment I met Owen I knew he was destined to embrace Reiki, and honour the ancient principles it brings.

Far too many Reiki practitioners receive their training in order to have it as an “extra” on their list of therapies. Owen understood the concept from day one, and opened his heart to embracing Reiki as part of himself, as opposed to a thing he “did”.

I don’t trust many people to give me spiritually-based treatments, as some practitioners, through no fault of their own, have not received what I believe are the essential spiritual laws during their training. Owen, however, was a different matter. I knew he was coming purely from the heart, without any ego attachment. He just lets the energy do what it has to do, and acts almost as an observer in it.

Having said that, he is also compassionate, caring and humorous in his approach, which immediately puts clients at their ease – half the battle when it comes to a therapy which is so different from conventional treatment.

In my own session with Owen, I relaxed totally, and trusted in him completely. I just let myself drift away. There was a deep sense of peace to begin with, then I was drifting through different scenes and feelings, all the time absolutely open to receiving Reiki. Afterwards I felt more balanced, beautifully calm and rested. I slept like a log, and the peaceful, yet euphoric mood was still with me the next day.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least to hear of the amazing results Owen is receiving with his Reiki. Even though I have been fortunate to have attuned many students to Reiki I can honestly say that Owen is the person who stands out for me in having totally embraced it with passion.

I absolutely recommend him, and watch his progress with delight and pride.”